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Moderation: Hans Peter Müller

Luther Allison with Friends:
- Nobody But You    (with Patrick Verbeke)
- Idols In Mind (with Bernard Allison)
- Just As I Am (with Marla Glen)
Play It Forward, 2002

Andreas Diehlmann Band:
- You Are My Woman
- Don't Go
- Long Forgotten Nightmare
- I'm A King Bee
Point Of No Return, 2019

Henry Vestine & The Heat Bros.:
- I Dust My Broom
- Sunflower Blues
- Let's Work Together
- On The Road Again
I Used To Be Mad! (But Now I'm Half Crazy), 2002

Und nach den Nachrichten um 21 Uhr bei Crossroads:

Tinsley Ellis:
- Devil In The Room
- Death Letter Blues
- Don't Go No Further
- The Sailor's Grave On The Prairie
Naked Truth, 2024

B. B. & The Blues Shacks:
- I Go To Bed With A Worry
- Feed The Flame
- Heart Fixing Business
- Ain't Over Yet
Lonesome In The Moonlight, 2023

Bernard Sellam & The Boys From The Hood:
- Feelin' So Fine
- You Got Me Reeling & Rocking
- Midnight Hour
- I'll Take Care Of You
- Let It Roll
- Never Said A Word
Feelin' So Fine, 2022