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Moderation: Hans Peter Müller

Skoodle-Dunn-Doo And Sheffield:
- Gas Ration Blues
Bob Camp & His Buddies:
- Reading Blues
Irene Wiley:
- Boa Hog Blues
Big Chief Ellis:
- Poor Man's Blues
Fred Dunn:
Fred's Boogie Woogie
Rosita (Chicken) Lockart:
- Mean Mean Woman Blues
Allen Bunn:
- Somebody Changed The Lock
- You're A Little Too Slow
Brownie McGhee:
- How Can I Love You
- My Bulldog
John Tinsley & Fred Holland:
- Trouble Blues
Sonny Terry:
- Telephone Blues
- Tell Me, Tell Me
Gabriel Brown:
- I'll Be Seeing You One Of These Days
Irene Wiley:
- Irene's Boogie Woogie
Big Chief Ellis:
- Mr. Radio Announcer

Und nach den Nachrichten um 21 Uhr bei Crossroads:

Eric Johanson:
- Beyond The Sky
- Just Like New
- She Is The Song
The Deep And Dirty, 2013/2023

Soul Thrivers:
- Everything's Changed
- Lord Have Mercy
- Right Track
- Save Your Love For Me
Morning Glory, 2023

Gary Hoey:
- Boss You Around
- Boot Mill Blues
- Almost Over You
- She's Walking
- Deja Blues
Deja Blues, 2013/2023