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Moderation: Wolfgang Marx

Don't you leave me this Way – Laurence Jones
„Bad Luck and The Blues“, 2023

Ain't giving up on us – Chris Duarte
„Ain't giving up“, 2023

Yvette – Ole Lonesome
„Tajas Motel“, 2023

Oh Daddy Blues – Lon Eldrigde & Steven Troch
„Cool Iron“, 2018

Fortuneteller – Bring Your Own Beer
Royal Bluff (EP), 2022

Another Night in the City – Jeau James
„Fated“, 2023

Here no more – Ghost Hounds
„First Last Time“, 2023

Blues de Luxe/You shook me – Beck, Bogert, Appice
„Live in London 1974“, 2023

Turpentine – Tommy Lee Cook & The Buckingham Blues Band
„Tommy Lee's Jonesin'“, 2023

Beyond the Sky – Eric Johanson
„The Deep and the Dirty“, 2023

No Apology – Samantha Fish & Jesse Dayton
„Death Wish Blues“, 2023

Devilish desire - Bring Your Own Beer
Single, 2021

The Fool – Ole Lonesome
„Tajas Motel“, 2023