am 28.11.2022 mit Hans Peter Müller


Charlie Musselwhite:
- Just A Feeling
Billy Boy Arnold:
- You're So Fine
Sugar Ray Norcia:
- Mean Old World
Mark Hummel:
- Blue Light
James Harman:
- Crazy Mixed-Up World
V.A.: Remembering Little Walter, 2013

Johnnie Sansone:
- Watermelon Patch
- Civilized City
- Upside Of Low Down
Watermelon Patch, 1998

Paul Oscher:

- Maxine
- Traffic Problem
- Christmas Blues
The Deep Blues Of Paul Oscher, 1996

Musselwhite, Arnold, Norcia, Hummel, Harman:
- My Babe
V.A.: Remembering Little Walter, 2013