am 2022-08-22 mit Wolfgang Lampe

Alastair Greene
- Before The Storm (Through The Rain,2011)
- Back Where I Belong (Live FromThe 805, 2018)

Anthony Gomes
- The Whisky Made Me Do It (Peace, Love And Loud Guitars, 2019)

Alice Cooper
- Drunk And In Love (Detroit Stories, 2021)

- Poison In Paradise (Tightrope, 2021)

Larkin Poe
- Back Down South (Self Made Man, 2020)

Laura Cox
- Morning Road (Hard Blues Shot, 2017)

Mike Zito
- Damned If I Do (Resurrection, 2021) 

Reverand Peyton's Big Dawm Band
- Nothing's EasyBut You And Me (Dance Songs For Hard Times, 2021)

Walter Trout
-  Me, My Guitar And The Blues (Survivor Blues, 2019)

Ryan McGarvey
- Ain't Enough Whisky (Heavy Hearted, 2018)

Sienna Root
- The Piper Won't Let You Stay (A Dream Of Lasting Peace, 2017)

Snowy WHite
- The Time Has Come (Highway To The Sun, 1994)

Alastair Greene
- Dearly Deparated (Through The Rain, 2011)