am 2022-07-11 mit Bernd Falke

Bunte Mischung Blues

Minnie Marks vom Album „Trouble with the Troubadour“ 2018
- Trouble with the Troubadour
- Lady Luck

Hussy Hicks vom Album „Gather up the People“ 2020
- Gather up the People

Larkin Poe vom Album „Kindred Spirits“ 2020
- Fly Away
- In the Air tonight

Larkin Poe vom Album „Jam in the Van - Live Sessions L.A. 2017“
- Come on in my Kitchen

Get The Cat vom Album „The Way to my Heart“ 2018
- When my Ship comes in

Michael van Merwyk vom Album „ Bluesriver rising“ 2021
- Won't get any better

Bad Temper Joe vom Album „One can wreck it all“ 2021
- The Night Johnny Cash quit doing pills

The Bluesanovas vom Album „Blues`N Roll“ 2020
- Skinny Honey

Loopahead vom Album „Approaches to J.J.Cale“ 2017
- Anyway the Wind blows

Hussy Hicks vom Album „The London Sessions“ 2017
- Armageddon

Lloyd Spiegel vom Album „Double Live Set“ 2015
- Statesboro Blues
- Love in Vain
- Tangled Brew